Administrative Alert: If your home is your primary residence, please make sure you are receiving the Owner Occupancy Credit. Please call the Auditor's office at 740-592-3223 with any questions. [x]
Athens County

Jill A. Thompson

Athens County Auditor
Address: Athens County Auditor
15 S. Court St., Room 330
Athens, OH 45701-2896
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00AM-4:00PM
Accounts Payable: (740) 592-3290
Accounts Receivable: (740) 592-3226
Financial Reporting: (740) 592-3226
Business Licenses: (740) 592-3226
Dog Licenses: (740) 592-3223
Mapping: (740) 592-3227
Manufactured Home: (740) 592-3288
Payroll: (740) 592-3224
Personal Property: (740) 592-3223
Real Estate: (740) 592-3223
Weights and Measures: (740) 592-3237
Fax: (740) 594-3270
Real Estate Email:
Auditor Thompson

Auditor Thompson Kicks Off Dog Tag Sales.
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If you have any damage from the recent storms please fill a Damage Notice out tax relief on your property.
Application for Destroyed or Damaged Real Property
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Public Records Requests For all public records request we kindly ask you to please fill out this form and submit it to our office. Thanks!
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Dog Licensing
Pay your dog license online via the Athens County Online Dog Licensing System

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