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Athens County Auditor Receives Award


Athens, OH, June 15, 2021: The Athens County Auditor's Office recevied an award of Outstanding Achievement in Popular Annual Financial Reporting (PAFR) for fiscal year 2019.

Athens County Board of Revision to Meet


Athens, OH, June 10, 2021: The Athens County Board of Revision is scheduled to meet in person on Thusday, June 15, 2021 and Thursday June 17, 2021 beginning at 1:30 p.m. in the County Auditor's Conference Room, First Floor, Courthouse Annex. The Board will continue hearings for Complaints filed against Real Property Valuation and Penalty Remission Application.

The meeting may be accesses via the following link :

Tax Relief Available for Damage resulting from Wind and Storms
Ohio law provides for a reduction of taxable value for property owners when damage has occurred.


In the wake of the recent storms and wind, Auditor Jill Thompson alerts property owners of real estate and manufactured homes that they may claim a reduction in the taxable value of their property for any damage that has occurred.

  • Property owners must file an application with the county auditor timely
  • The amount of the reduction is prorated based on the calendar quarter in which the damage occurred
  • Even when the damage is repaired promptly, property owners should take pictures of the damage and file them with the notarized application

Auditor Thompson noted, "With the wind damage and storms that occurred recently, property owners deserve the relief that this law provides. My staff will be available to assist applicants in completing the form properly so they can get the reduction they are entitled to."

Applications can be downloaded from Auditor Thompson's website or can be mailed by calling 740-592-3223.

  • Form DTE 26 – Application for Valuation Deduction for Destroyed or Damaged Real Property
  • Form DTE 49 – Application for Tax Refund or Waiver for Destroyed or Damaged Manufactured Homes


2021 Dog Licensing Deadline Extended  


Athens, Ohio — January 26, 2021 — Athens County Auditor Jill Thompson announced that dog owners will be able to purchase their 2021 licenses without penalty through July1st, thanks to state legislation passed late last year.

Ohio H.B. 404, emergency COVID-19 relief legislation that was enacted this past November included a provision that extends licensing deadlines through July 1st. According to Thompson, the county only recently became aware that this provision applies to the dog licensing deadline, which is normally January 31st.

The primary impact of this change is directly related to late penalties. This year, dog licenses may be purchased without a penalty through July 1st. Normally, dog owners that purchase their license after the January 31st deadline would be penalized and required to pay double.

“Advances in technology have made purchasing a license safe, efficient and easy,” says Thompson. She encouraged dog owners not to delay even though the deadline is extended. However, she is understanding that during these challenging times, people may need more time. “I’m happy that dog owners have been provided extra time to purchase a license without a penalty”, stressed Thompson.

Dog licenses are available for purchase online, without penalty, at Dog owners may also purchase in person with a check or cash through July 1st, 2021. Licensing your dog is not only a good idea, it is also the law (ORC 955.01). A drop box is available on the first floor of the courthouse annex Monday through Friday from 8:00A.M. to 4:00 p.m. to add additional safety measures.

A single year license is $18 for a spayed or neutered dog and $28 for dog that is not spayed or neutered. Visit for more information.

“We want to thank the Commissioners for their cooperation in helping us grant this extension to the Athens County dog owners, their partnership is truly appreciated” said Athens County Auditor Jill Thompson.

For additional information or questions about dog licenses contact the Auditor’s office at 740.592.3223 or

Athens County Board of Revision to Meet


Athens, OH, January 22, 2021:   The Athens County Board of Revision is scheduled to meet on Wednesday, January 27, 2021 beginning at 1:30 p.m.  in the Commissioner’s Conference Room, Second Floor, Courthouse Annex. 

January 27, 2021, 1:30 p.m.

·         Expedited Foreclosure Hearing, Athens County Treasurer vs. DBJ Holdings, Ltd., et al -            Case # 20BR0003.

·         Penalty Remission Applications

The meeting may be accessed via the following link:  


Auditor Jill Thompson Announces Sales for 2021 Dog License


Athens, OH, December 1, 2020:  Athens County Auditor Jill Thompson encourages all dog owners in Athens County to get an early start on purchasing or renewing dog licenses.  Renewal applications have been mailed to all current licensed dog owners. Dog licenses for 2021 will be available for sale through February 1, 2021, and are valid through January 31st, 2022.  Licensing your dog is required by state law and may ensure that your pet will be returned if it becomes lost.  Dog licenses can be purchased either at:


Athens County Auditor’s Office
Courthouse Annex
15 S. Court St., Room 330
Athens, OH 45701
(740) 592-3223
Monday – Friday:  8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Athens County Dog Shelter
13333 SR 13
Millfield, OH 45761
(740) 593-5415
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday:  10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Wednesday: 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Saturday:  10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


Due to COVID-19 precautions, dog owners are encouraged to make Credit Card payments online at or through the mail via check. Current dog owners have been sent a stamped return envelope with their application.

Licenses for kennels may only be purchased at the Athens County Auditor’s Office.  Individuals must be in the business of professionally breeding dogs for hunting or sale to qualify for a kennel license.  Purchasers of kennel license will be subject to inspection by the Athens County Dog Warden. 

Athens County Auditor Jill Thompson urges you to purchase your dog tags because it may save your dogs’ life; a tagged dog has a higher chance of finding its way home after wandering off.

Our office often receives inquiries following the deadline requesting a waiver from late fees for various reasons.  The Athens County Auditor’s Office does not have the authority to waive late fees for any licenses purchased after the deadline.  Get your license today to avoid a stiff penalty later.  Feel free to call the Athens County Auditor’s office at 740-592-3223 with questions concerning your dog license.


County Auditor Jill Thompson Supports House Bill to Increase Homestead Exemption for Inflation


Athens, OH, February 3, 2020:   The Legislative Committee of the County Auditors’ Association of Ohio (CAAO) voted to support Representative Jason Stephens (R-Kitts Hill) bill (HB 439) to protect the pocketbooks of low-income seniors and disabled veterans by improving the state’s homestead exemption law.  The Committee’s vote came during a recent meeting of the CAAO Executive and Legislative Committees. 

Athens County Auditor Jill Thompson advocated strongly in support of this bill.  She noted, “I have seen first-hand the relief the Homestead Exemption provides for senior citizens and disabled veteran homeowners. This bill will provide additional assistance, is easy to administer and would have no impact on school or other local government funding”.

Generally, the homestead exemption allows low-income senior citizens and disabled veterans to reduce their property tax burden by lowering the market value of their homes for tax purposes. However, Ohio’s Homestead Exemption currently does not adjust for inflation. It has remained the same dollar amount for many years.

The bill requires the amount of each homestead exemption to be adjusted for inflation each year. Under current law, the exemption equals the taxes that would be charged on up to $25,000 of the true value of the home owned by a qualifying individual.  This legislation is designed to increase the amount of the Homestead Exemption every year by the same rate of inflation in current law used to calculate the income eligibility of the Homestead Exemption. The adjustment each year will be relatively small, but for those who are most disadvantaged by inflation—those living on a fixed income, the benefit, over time, will be significant.