Ohio Checkbook

The Ohio Checkbook serves as the singular and most trusted resource for Ohioans to obtain local and state financial information. In November 2019, the Ohio Checkbook became a collective result of Lt. Governor Jon Husted and Ohio Treasure Robert Sprague unveiling a joint initiative aimed at enhancing government transparency by providing Ohioans real-time financial and transactional data.

The Ohio Checkbook is the result of this effort bringing together features from two first-of-their-kind - the Ohiocheckbook.com and Ohio’s Interactive Budget. Upon its launch in 2014, OhioCheckbook.com set a new national standard for transparency in government and was recognized three times by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group as being ranked number one in transparency for providing online access to government spending data. In six years, more than 1,150 local government entities around Ohio partnered with the Treasurer’s office to make financial data available through the website.

Ohio's Interactive Budget was launched in 2016, by the Ohio Office of Budget and Management (OBM), as a first of its kind comprehensive open checkbook that enabled users to see not only how state money is spent, but also how revenue is generated and allocated via the state budget. The Ohio Interactive Budget site was an extension of the state accounting system that provided the public access to the financial and transactional data maintained in the state's accounting system.

Each site's functionality and purpose has been preserved in the new Ohio Checkbook site, which merged the cutting-edge features of OhioCheckbook.com and Ohio’s Interactive Budget, placing them under one roof.

The link listed below will redirect you to the Ohio Treasurer's Office of Budget and Management website for Ohio Checkbook:

Athens County unique Checkbook linkhttps://OhioCheckbook.gov/Counties/Athens-County