Ways to file a deed with our office


In Person

               Our office located at 15 S. Court Street, Room 330 Athens, OH 45701 is open from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday. During these hours we are available to assist with filing a deed with our office.  Please bring all the necessary documents and Auditor’s fees found on the Real Property Transfers and Conveyances page.  Recorder’s fees can be found on their Fee Schedule page.  


By Mail 

               If you wish to file your deed by mail please visit the Recorder’s How to record a document page for details.  Please be aware that this method may prolong the process as the documents may be rejected for items such as incorrect fees, missing or incorrect legal description, missing Conveyance form, etc. and returned to you.  Please visit the Real Property Transfers and Conveyances page for Auditor’s requirements and fees