Real Property Transfers and Conveyances

Transfer and identification documents track the transfer of parcels and maintain the Auditor’s parcel numbering system for tax purposes. Under Ohio Law, all real estate transfer-related documents must be presented to the County Auditor before recording. Transfers are done in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code Section 319.203.

Transfer Fees
Real Estate transfers are subject to two types of fees at the Auditor’s Office: the conveyance fee and the transfer fee.

  • Conveyance Fee: The conveyance fee for Athens County is $4.00 per thousand dollars conveyed (rounded up to the nearest $100). For example, if the sale amount is $100,000, the conveyance fee would be determined by multiplying $100,000 by $ .004 ($100,000 x .004 = $400.) Make checks payable to the Athens County Auditor. Certain property transfers are exempt from conveyance fees.
  • Transfer Fee: The transfer fee is $ .50 per parcel transferred. For example, if 3 parcels are transferred in a deed, $1.50 will be charged as a transfer fee. Make checks payable to the Athens County Auditor.



Athens County Conveyance Standards
New Property Ownership Brochure
Affidavit of Facts Relating to Property Conveyance (19 KB)
DTE Auditor Letter - Real Property Conveyance Fee Statement
DTE 100 - Real Property Conveyance Fee Statement of Value
DTE 100EX - Exemption From Real Property Conveyance Fee (82 KB)
DTE 23 Application for Real Property Tax Exemption and Remission
Agreed Division Sheet

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