Frequently Asked Questions - Forfeited Land Sale


When can we see the house?

The Auditor's Office does not have keys to the houses for sale.
  We have no access to the interior of the houses for sale.  The property is not available for tour or inspection prior to the sale.  Persons on private property without the owner's or occupant's consent are trespassing.  The purchaser gets the property "as is" or "buyer beware".  The Auditor's Office makes no warranty or guarantee on any property.



Do you take sealed bids?

Unless ordered by the Court, the sale must be a public sale.  You or your representative must appear to bid.  All bidding is done at the sale.  No prior sealed bids are taken.  There is no prior registration.  Make sure you can meet the terms of the sale.  This is a Court function; if the sale is not completed, you are subject to being held in contempt of court.



What about liens?

The Auditor's Office does not have information on liens.  It is the responsibility of the prospective purchaser to check into properties for delinquent utility bills, liens, and/or any additional costs.  You are urged to consult with an attorney if you have questions.  The Auditor's Office cannot give legal advice.




When do we get keys to the property?

The Auditor's Office does not have keys for the houses.  The new owner is encouraged to get a locksmith to enter the house and change the locks after the house has been vacated.  It is unknown who may have keys to the house or how many there might be.  This is for your protection.